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What Every Woman Should Ask A Breast Cancer Doctor In Singapore

When it comes to breast cancer, knowledge is power. As a woman, being well-informed about your health and taking proactive steps towards early detection and treatment is just as crucial as maintaining your health. When faced with a diagnosis or suspected breast cancer, it is essential to consult a reputable and experienced breast cancer doctor in Singapore.

Do you want to ensure you receive the best care and make informed decisions? Here, we have compiled a list of ten essential questions to ask your breast cancer doctor in Singapore during your consultation.

What are the diagnostic tests available for breast cancer?

Understanding the diagnostic tests is vital for accurate detection. Ask your breast cancer doctor in Singapore about mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies, and other relevant procedures. Learn about their benefits, risks, and how they can help determine the stage and type of breast cancer.

What is my specific breast cancer diagnosis?

Knowing the specific type and stage of breast cancer is crucial for planning treatment options. Ask your breast cancer doctor in Singapore to explain the pathology report, including the grade, hormone receptor status, and HER2 status, to gain a better understanding of your diagnosis.

What are the treatment options for my breast cancer?

Enquire about treatment options suitable for your specific breast cancer diagnosis. These choices may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, or hormone therapy. Understand the benefits, potential side effects, and the recommended treatment plan.

Are there any clinical trials or experimental treatments I should consider?

Ask your breast cancer doctor in Singapore if any ongoing clinical trials or experimental treatments are suitable for your case. Discuss the potential benefits, risks, eligibility criteria, and how participating in such trials may contribute to advancing breast cancer research.

How experienced are you in treating breast cancer?

It is crucial to gauge your doctor’s expertise and experience in treating breast cancer. Ask about their qualifications, training, and the number of breast cancer cases they have managed. Doing so will provide confidence in their ability to guide you through your treatment journey.breast cancer doctor in Singapore

What are the potential side effects of my treatments?

Understand the potential side effects associated with the recommended treatments. Ask your breast cancer doctor in Singapore about short-term and long-term effects, strategies to manage them, and how they may impact your quality of life during and after treatment.

How will my treatment plan be personalised to meet my specific needs?

Breast cancer treatment should get tailored to your unique circumstances. Enquire about personalised treatment plans that consider your age, overall health, and personal preferences. Understanding how your doctor plans to customise your treatment will help you make more informed decisions.

What support services are available to me during my treatment?

Breast cancer treatment can be emotionally and physically challenging. Ask your breast cancer doctor in Singapore about the support services available, such as counselling, support groups, nutritionists, and rehabilitation programs. These resources can significantly enhance your overall well-being during your treatment journey.

What are the chances of recurrence, and how can I reduce this risk?

Recurrence is a concern for many breast cancer patients. Discuss with your doctor the risk factors associated with recurrence and the strategies you can adopt. That way, you can help minimise this risk. These may include lifestyle modifications, ongoing monitoring, and follow-up care.

How can I be proactive about my breast health after treatment?

It is imperative to prioritise your breast health even after completing treatment. Ask your breast cancer doctor in Singapore about recommended follow-up care, surveillance tests, and self-examination practices to ensure early detection of any potential recurrences or new breast health concerns.

Breast cancer is a challenging journey, but with the right breast cancer doctor in Singapore, you can take charge of your health and make informed decisions. Contact the team and clinic of Dr Johann Tang for reputable cancer doctors today. Together, let’s fight breast cancer and ensure a healthier future!

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